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Dr. Smith's Helpful Tips Archives for December of 2017

Tip for December and January

Published 12/01/2017

Snow shoveling can be dangerous, especially for people that have pre-existing medical conditions.  People with cardiac risk factors such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes or diagnosed heart disease should be especially careful.  Many people feel that taking huge bites of snow to save time is a good strategy, however this can be extremely stressful to the body.  Aside from serious complications, many minor injuries such as back spasm and shoulder strain can result from shoveling big loads.

Be sure to take numerous breaks when shoveling snow.  Take smaller bites of snow to not overload yourself.  Be sure to stop immediately and call 911 if chest pain, nausea or difficulty breathing develops!  Be sure to get some hot cocoa as a reward when you’re done!