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Tip for September and October

Published 09/01/2017

Dog bites can be serious and if you get one here are some tips.  If it’s your own animal and you know the dog has been acting normally and has its shots you do not need to worry about rabies, although you will need to be seen for care.  If it is not your dog but you know the owner, you can find out the dog’s vaccination status from their vet.  If it is an unknown dog the medical attention is very important.

Usually dog bites are not sewn being puncture wound but it is sometimes possible.  You will need a tetanus shot if you are due for one and usually an antibiotic (Augmentin) is prescribed.  Depending on the situation we will contact animal control and report the incident so they can evaluate the animal for rabies.  If rabies is a high risk you will need follow up at the ER or with the department of animal control for rabies vaccine shots.