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Tip for May and June

Published 05/01/2018

Ticks are arachnid pests common to wooded and grassy areas.  They carry a variety of illnesses, including Lyme, Babesiosis and Powassan virus.  These are serious conditions and it is therefore important to check yourself for ticks after being outdoors.  Non-engorged ticks you discover are likely to have not been on you more than 48 hours.  The chance of Lyme transmission is highest after this period.  If you find an embedded tick, be sure to seek medical attention, as you will be able to take an antibiotic to prevent Lyme transmission.  Lyme disease often appears as a flu-like illness as well as a rash that migrates over the body.  If you develop such symptoms in the summer months, see a doctor for Lyme testing and treatment even if you have not seen a tick.